We only use a range of high quality materials for all window shutters throughout our collection

  • white teak shutters
  • basswood plantation shutters
  • pearlwood shutters

Basswood Shutters

This is a popular, high quality solution for everyday use and is ideal for customers who require the great look of window shutters whilst shopping on a budget.


  • eco-friendly engineered wood
  • Highly effective look
  • Perfect if you’re on a budget

Basswood Silk Shutters

This material has been painted in order to provide a much more natural look than other standard shutters giving the look of a hardwood finish


• Made with a polypropylene sleeve to provide ultimate protection from variations in temperature
• Paintable material allowing a more diverse colour range

Hardwood Window Shutters

This hardwood solution includes an frame together with a hardwood shutter panel. The major benefit of this hardwood product is that it combines a hard wearing frame with the light nature of hardwood panels.


• Can be painted due to the mixed manufacturing and gives a great finish
• The panel does not twist or warp due the engineered stiles

White Teak Shutters

Our most popular hardwood product can be said that it is best suited to paint or stain. White Teak is a high quality product and renowned for being the favourite amongst experts.


• Due to its tight grains and high dimensional stability, it is an ideal wood for joinery and carpentry
• 28 colour & 20 stain finishes plus a matching colour option

Pearlwood Shutters

Pearlwood is a painted range and manufactured from premium hardwoods. Stable timbers give a beautiful finish and are manufactured using high quality standards.


• It is a non finger jointed shutters with a linear grain ideal for painted shutters giving a flat and uniform finish
• 28 colour & 20 stain finishes plus a matching colour option