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There are two ways of knowing how much your shutters will cost, as follows:

Quote based on our measurements

We have experts with many years experience who will come to your house and take accurate measurements. Normally, we leave you with a written quote.

You can call us now on 0203 327 4790 or email us and we will book an appointment to come to you house. Alternatively, you can use our request a call back service and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Quote based on your measurements

You can either ask your rough window dimensions into our quick quote , call us now on 0203 327 4790 or email us with some approximate sizes and we can provide an immediate ball park quote.

We strongly recommend that you use our in house team of experts to measure and fit your shutters due to the fact that shutters can be remarkably unforgiving if measured wrongly or installed incorrectly.

Call us now on 0203 327 4790 or email us your enquiries.

a. Terms for MEASURE and FIT service – 50% of the monies are due on the day of order, with the balance due pre-installation. Monies may be paid by cash, cheque, debit and credit cards. We do not accept American Express.

b. Terms for SUPPLY ONLY (mail order service) – 100% up front, on placement of the order.

Contact us now to find out more 

It is very easy to place your order. Once all measurements, specifications and costs have been agreed you can call us on 0203 327 4790 and we will be more than happy to get it placed and finalised for you.

We have also created a guide to help you understand the whole ordering process. Click on the link below to read it:

Ordering – from initial contact to placement  

We like to do things properly here at Woodgrange Shutters so during every single site survey we measure your windows, show you samples of the different options, discuss the design and look that you are after and lastly leave you with a full quote.

Because of the level of detail that we go into, we may require a small consulatation deposit to carry out this full survey – this deposit is redeemable on placement of order.

Want an idea of costings beforehand? We would love to put together some costings for you prior to organising a site survey, all we need are some basic sizes of the windows/ the area you would like to fit shutters to.

We also offer virtual measure appointments free of charge whereby you can video chat with one of the team here in the office. We will guide you through taking sizes, give you an idea of costs, answer any questions you may have and we can even show you around our showroom if you like.

To schedule any of the above, simply contact our friendly team on 0203 327 4790 or send us an email, we are on hand to help.

Here are few tips to look after your shutters:

  • Do not leave the windows open when it is raining – the product is not waterproof.
  • Dust regularly. We recommend our ostrich feather dusters, available from our showroom. Alternatively, wipe with a damp cloth.
  • When closing the slats, use the tilt rod whenever possible with an up and down motion, not an outward pulling motion.
  • To close the slats completely, close them in the up position. Be sure to close the slats before opening panels. Failing to do this will cause the slats to “pinch” and could cause damage.
  • When physically closing the panels, line up the leading edges. Panels that aren’t closed properly and lined up will eventually settle in the slightly skew shape.
  • If over time you feel the slat movement has become slack, look down the side of each panel and you will see a tension screw. Simply use a Phillips head screwdriver to adjust the tension as needed, being careful not to overtighten.
  • Do not try and take the shutters down yourself. This will negate the warranty. If you require them to be taken down, please contact us to discuss the next steps.
  • Do not repaint – shutters are sprayed pre-assembly and repainting will clog up moving parts.

There is no definitive to answer to this. We have been established over 35 years and are fortunate enough to receive positive feedback from previous customers who have had our shutters installed over 20 years still in perfect working order.

The shutters we install today, is an evolved product from that of 20 years ago. They have undergone extensive improvement and subjected to many quality control tests to meet the highest standards. In our opinion, our shutters are the best quality product on the market today.

Our shutters have a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years.


We warrant that our shutters will be defect free in materials or workmanship. As shutters are handmade, it is sometimes the case that there will be small defects on any shutter panel and should this scenario arise, Woodgrange Shutters will be happy to review such panels. If the defect is so minor that it doesn’t affect the performance of the shutter or cant be clearly seen two metres away, then this in any normal event will not constitute a defect for as long as the original purchaser owns the shutters. This is subject to below and provided that such products were properly installed and were made or assembled exclusively from original materials and components. Any resale or other transfer of the product and/or materials voids this warranty.

This warranty is exclusive and in lieu of all other obligations, liabilities or warranties. In no event shall Woodgrange Shutters be liable for incidental or consequential damages, or for any expense associated with such damages. Repair or remakes of defective products is the sole remedy under this warranty and in no event shall Woodgrange Shutters be liable for costs to remove and/or reinstall the product. Repairs will be made only with like or similar parts. This warranty does not include shipping charges or the cost of labour involved for measuring and installation.

This warranty does not cover any condition of or damage to the shutter or window, from unauthorized repairs, accidents, alterations, misuse, abuse, act of God, motorized devices, wear and tear or failure to follow our instructions with respect to measurement, installations, cleaning or maintenance. Improper, inappropriate or unauthorized replacement parts, repairs or maintenance voids this warranty. This warranty excludes all liability for removal of the shutter and reinstallation in the same or another window, or damage to the window frame, glass or any other portion of the window. Due to manufacturing, natural variations in colour, grain and texture in these products, Woodgrange Shutters is not able to guarantee exact matches to samples, nor are they able to guarantee exact matches on subsequent orders. Returns cannot be authorised due to these normal variations.

All other warranties, both express and implied, are expressly disclaimed. This warranty excludes all liability for consequential or incidental damages for any cause whatsoever.

10-year warranty on all orders placed until the end 2020

Colour Fastness – 10 years
Structure – 10 years
Hardware – 10 years
Stainless Steel Hardware – 10 years
* Restrictions

— For all orders placed before and after the promotional period, the warranty for the items listed above is 5 years
— Warranty for the All Wood shutters range is 3 years including its panels, structure, hardware and colour fastness
— Warranty for Aluminium Security shutters is 5 years for internal shutters and 3 years for external shutters
— Warranty for Track Systems shutters is 5 years
— Warranty for Remote Control shutters is 5 years
— Warranty for Locks is 1 year
— Warranty for Blinds is 1 year


All shutters, frames and battens are put through an 18 point quality control checking system. Once checked, they are photographed with high resolution digital equipment before being packaged. Packages are then photographed as they are unloaded from the shipping container if they show any signs of damage.

Please bear this all in mind when making a claim with regard to a damaged shutter, frame or batten. Shutters are very easy to damage on site, and we will not replace or refund damaged goods unless you can prove that they arrived in this state. Please do not sign for damaged boxes until content has been checked.



We cannot guarantee a perfect colour match, as part of the character of a natural wood product is that it may vary in tone and grain.

Paint Finishes:

A custom colour may not end up being an exact duplicate. This is due to a number of variables such as:

The species of timber the paint is being applied to
The number of coats applied
The degree of sanding and surface preparation
The temperature and humidity at application and drying

A huge amount our work involves shutters in bedrooms and nurseries, without any concerns regarding light. We would never suggest that our shutters are 100% blackout (due to tolerances required for slat movement and the opening and closing of panels) but they aren’t far off!

Due to level of skill our surveyor and advanced technology of our shutters (i.e. rebated side style and clever frame options) our designs and panels keep more light out when closed than other companies. We can also provide shutters with an integrated room darkening blind between your window and the shutter (encased within the shutter frame) for a sleek finish to maximise light reduction further.

Room Darkening 

A track system can be installed along which the shutters run, which supports the weight of the shutters. Visit our track systems page to find out more about it.

Track Systems  

We pride oursevles on having an extremely knowledge team. Please contact Alice, Khara or India on 0203 327 4790 they will be able to help you with any technical questions or any other enquiries you may have.

Once again, we strongly recommend that you use our in house team of experts to measure and fit your shutters due to the fact that they can be remarkably unforgiving if measured wrongly or installed incorrectly. However, we have created a quick guide to help you with your installation.

Yes. We offer a SUPPLY ONLY whereby the shutters are made based on your measurements, and then sent directly to you for self-fitting.

Contact us now to find out more 

We strongly recommend that you use our in house team of experts to measure your shutters due to the fact that shutters can be remarkably unforgiving if measured wrongly and once an order is placed, it cannot be changed. However, we have created a quick guide to help you with it.

Click here to find out more  

We can send sample colour chips of our in-house colours to you directly. All you have to do is call us on 0203 327 4790 to order.

YES! It takes approximately 10 to 12 weeks as standard, but we do have a speedy option which takes the lead time down to only 6 to 8 weeks.

* Express Delivery at £170 per square metre.

Contact us now to find out more 

The current lead time is approximately 10 to 12 weeks from the date of order confirmation/receipt of deposit as standard.

Special shapes and custom colour matches will naturally add to the lead time. Lead times can be confirmed by the office once your order is placed.

Please be aware that the lead time can fluctuate throughout the year.

Contact us now to find out more 

Yes! We provide the full service! We pride ourselves in our knowledgeable and experienced in-house measuring and fitting team who come out to your property to carry out all the works.

We will do everything for you from start to finish – all you have to do is choose the style and colour of your shutters from the selection of samples that the measurer brings to your house.

To find out more about what we do, click on the link below:

Our Shutters  

On the day of installation, it is required that your windows/doors are clear of wires, cables, dressings or anything else that may obstruct the shutters to be fitted.

The answer is simple – you should be looking for a company that has years of experience, offers a high quality product at a competitive price and has a proven track record for excellent customer service and reliability. This is exactly what we can provide you!

Contact us now 

Plantation Shutters is based in SOLAR HOUSE, ALPINE WAY, BECKTON, LONDON, E6 6LA. With a growing team and a brand-new, state of the art Showroom, we couldn’t be happier with our current home!

All our deliveries come through the doors here and both our surveying and fitting teams report back to the Plantation head-quarters on a daily basis, and it’s really the hub and the heart of what we do.

Visit our Showroom 

As the friendly company we are, Plantation would love to opportunity to come out to every property in the UK to share the Plantation experience. If we could, we would! We work in London and the surrounding areas for a measuring and fitting service.

Based in SOLAR HOUSE, ALPINE WAY, BECKTON, LONDON, E6 6LA, we carry out a lot of work locally and within the neighbouring boroughs, often travelling further afield and organising the delivery of shutters to the entire UK.

Contact us now to find out more 

If you are curious about whether we cover your area, the best and quickest way to find out is to speak to one of the team directly on 0203 327 4790. Or even better, ask alongside window sizes and we can give you an idea of cost on the phone. If you are a little further afield we may sometimes ask for a measure deposit if you were looking to proceed with a site survey with one of our surveyors at your property.

Contact us now  

In uncertain times such as these, many are weighing up companies’ longevity ahead of spending money or proceeding with large purchases. We endorse this as not only sensible, but necessary to ensure your money is secure and your order will be fulfilled by a dependable company that will still be there for any of your queries and needs for years to come.

Although current nation-wide circumstances are unprecedented, in 1982 Woodgrange Shutters became the first established shutter company in the UK and in times since then we have successfully weathered many a storm in the UK economy. A company cannot thrive for 38 years without absolute solid grounding in both its values and finances.

Woodgrange Shutters has been able to continuously grow and thrive in an ever-busying industry as we don’t believe in trading in a ‘hand to mouth’ manor allowing continual financial stability. We are lucky have minimal expenses that cause financial concern for some in these times; the buildings we work from, our fleet of vans and our warehouse are all owned with no rental or lease expenses attached. This means that whilst the industry is not as busy as usual, which is to be anticipated, whilst we still have a clear and steady stream of income we can avoid or minimise losses.

In difficult times, invest in an independent company with an all in-house team whose 10-year warranty grounds the confidence we have in not only our product, but in our longevity. Invest in reliability.

We have continued to install shutter orders for our customers with social distancing carefully practiced and our expert fitting team are fully equipped with PPE. Safety measures have been carefully implemented and we have ensured careful adherence to such measures by both our staff and customers. We will contact you upon notification from our supplier of an arrival date of your order to discuss a suitable installation date.

We understand that with everyone enduring their own personal circumstances of the effect of Covid-19 on their lives, some of our clients will choose to postpone installation until a later date. We are happy to ensure your order is installed only when you are ready as the safety all is paramount.

Our offices and warehouse in Beckton have remained open throughout the lockdown with extra safety procedures and social distance working in place. Measure appointments and installations have continued with careful adherence to Public Health England Guidelines informing how these are undertaken.

Our showroom is closed under national lockdown guidelines. In the meantime, you can book your virtual appointment using our contact form or by giving us a call on Phone: 0203 327 4790

Absolutely! Our measure and fitting appointments are still going ahead as planned with extra health precautions being implemented for the safety of both our staff and customers. If you are self-isolating, or are concerned about your health, let us know and we would happy to move your appointment or book you in for a virtual survey  as an alternative.

We are still placing orders for our customers and have been busy continuing to do so over the last few months. If you would like to take steps in ordering shutters, you can speak to our friendly office team who will assist you with putting together initial costings or book you in for a virtual or home measure appointment with one of our expert surveyors. You can also submit a contact request form for us to contact you directly and assist with any queries you may have about a new or existing order.

Already had a measure appointment? You can proceed with your order today. Simply give the team a call on 0203 327 4790.

We have recently launched our virtual survey service  which allows you to meet with one of our surveyors without them visiting your property. They can show you all the different shutter styles and designs we have available and talk you through measuring your windows if you would like an idea of costs. You can even order on the day if you are looking proceed on a supply only basis.

Alternatively, you can visit our online quote calculator  and have a rough idea of costs based on your measurements.